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Request to Reschedule Databricks Exam

New Contributor

Hi @Cert-Team ,

I'm writing to tell you about a problem I faced during my Databricks exam. The person supervising the test stopped it because they thought my eyes were moving a lot. I tried to explain that I was just thinking normally, but they wanted to see the room.

I showed them the room, and there was no one else there. However, they still suspended the exam because there were wall posters in the room with some printed text on them.

I want to make it clear that I was following all the rules. I understand the need to have a quiet and fair testing environment. I'm sorry for any confusion caused by the posters.

To fix this, I'm asking if it's possible to reschedule my Databricks exam. I'll make sure to take it in a room with plain walls, so there won't be any issues.

I know it's important to have a fair testing process, and I'm committed to following all the rules next time. I appreciate your understanding and would be grateful if you could help me reschedule the exam.

I also have raised a ticket but still expecting the confirmation email from end.

Name: Alok Mishra


Exam: Databricks Data Engineer Associate Exam


Honored Contributor III
Honored Contributor III

Hi @Alok_9091 I apologize for the delay in gettng back to you, I have been out for the holidays. I did check in on this and it looks like the support team has handled your ticket and your exam is rescheduled for 06 January 2024 1800H Asia/Calcutta. Best of luck!

New Contributor III

Hi team , 

Thanks for the response and I gave my reschedule time and date to the team by a mail to them #00455020 ,but I didn't get any response  from them. Could you please kindly reschedule my exam to the given date and time as it is an urgent requirement for me .kindly do the needful. Thankyou

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