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Help with getting photon usage

New Contributor

I want to get whether photon was used for a job or not. The api lets me get this for maybe 40% of jobs through the runtime_engine field, but the majority of jobs are unspecified. How do I get whether photon was used for those cases? The docs mention looking at spark_version, but Im not sure what exactly within spark version indicates whether photon was used. Would appreciate help 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @alpacasDetermining whether Photon was used for a Spark job involves examining specific indicators.

Let’s break it down:

  1. Photon Acceleration:

  2. Spark Version:

    • The spark_version field in your job metadata provides information about the Spark version used.
    • While the documentation doesn’t explicitly mention Photon, you can infer its usage based on the Spark version.
    • Here’s what to look for:
      • If the spark_version corresponds to Databricks Runtime 9.1 LTS or later, Photon acceleration is likely enabled.
      • If the spark_version is below 9.1 LTS, Photon may not be in use.
    • Remember that Photon is compatible with Apache Spark APIs, so no code changes are required2.
  3. Runtime Engine Field:

    • You mentioned that the runtime_engine field provides information for only 40% of jobs.
    • For the remaining unspecified jobs, focus on the spark_version.
    • If the spark_version aligns with the compatible range, assume Photon acceleration.
  4. Best Practice:

    • To ensure accurate detection, consider using both the runtime_engine and spark_version fields.
    • If Photon is critical for your use case, explicitly specify the runtime version when submitting jobs.

Remember that while Photon is a powerful optimization, it’s essential to verify its usage based on the runtime environment. 

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