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How can i create multiple workspaces in existing single azure databricks resource?

New Contributor II

I have an azure databricks resource created in my Azure portal. I want to achieve departmental secracy in single databricks resource. Hence, I am looking for a solution where I can add multiple workspaces to my single Databricks resource. Is it even possible? 


In the above link, It is mentioned : in Accounts and workspaces sections

"In Azure Databricks, a workspace is an Azure Databricks deployment in the cloud that functions as an environment for your team to access Databricks assets. Your organization can choose to have either multiple workspaces or just one, depending on its needs.

An Azure Databricks account represents a single entity that can include multiple workspaces. Accounts enabled for Unity Catalog can be used to manage users and their access to data centrally across all of the workspaces in the account."



Contributor II

It is possible to create multiple workspace from a single azure account.

Go to Azure portal click on Azure Databricks.


Click on Create.


Fill all the details and your new workspace is ready. 

Harshit Kesharwani
Self-taught Data Engineer | Seeking Remote Full-time Opportunities

Hi Harshit,

Thanks for your response but will it affect the pricing?

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