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Airflow - How to pull XComs value in the notebook task?

New Contributor

Using AIrflow, I have created a DAG with a sequence of notebook tasks. The first notebook returns a batch id; the subsequent notebook tasks need this batch_id.

I am using the DatabricksSubmitRunOperator to run the notebook task. This operator pushes two values(run_id,run_page_url) to airflow Xcom. I used the run_id and using the data bricks rest API, I retrieved the notebook output.

The Xcom value retrieval works within the callable function of the python operator.

How would I do the same operation in the DatabricksSubmitRunOperator?

How do I get the handle to the task instance inside the notebook?

Working python operator code

def pull_databricks_task_run_xcom_values(**kwargs):

  ti = kwargs['ti']

  run_id = ti.xcom_pull(key='run_id', task_ids="notebook_task1")"======pulled value based on run_id:===== " +str(run_id))

  run_page_url = ti.xcom_pull(key='run_page_url', task_ids='initiate_batch')"======pulled value based on run_page_url:===== " +str(run_page_url))

with DAG('trigger_db_notebooks_tasks',start_date = days_ago(2),schedule_interval = None,default_args = default_args) as dag:

  #Task 1


  #Task 1




Esteemed Contributor

From what I understand - you want to pass a run_id parameter to the second notebook task?

You can:

  1. Create a widget param inside your databricks notebook ( that will consume your run_id
  2. Pass the parameter in DatabricksSubmitRunOperator (example here:
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