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Community Edition signup issues

New Contributor III

I am trying to sign up for the community edition ( for use with a databricks academy course. However, I am unable to signup and I receive the following error (image attached). On going to login page (link in orange in error box) to see if password reset can help, I receive the following message from databricks:

"Hello, A request has been made to reset the password of your Databricks account. However, it appears that your user does not belong to If you would like to access this workspace, please contact your Databricks administrator or your Databricks support representative."

So it seems I don't have an account with the email address and I can't even create a new account. I would be obliged if this could be looked in at a timely manner as my databricks ILT is going on and getting this sorted would be essential, as then only the training could be completed. Please help.



Accepted Solutions

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @abhinandan084​ , @Ananda Rao Bammidi​ , @Steve Lyle​ and @Akshaya311 S​ , Please forward me your email addresses in the private message if you're still facing the issue. I'm so sorry that this took so long. We'll help you.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @ abhinandan084! My name is Kaniz, and I'm a technical moderator here. Great to meet you, and thanks for your question! Let's see if your peers on the Forum have an answer to your questions first. Or else I will follow up shortly with a response.

New Contributor II

I am also facing the same issue. If it's resolved please try to help me. ​

New Contributor III

_5_months_ago_. Still a problem. Truly embarrassing. I've even used the "Contact Sales" link and page and been ignored over a week.

New Contributor II

I'm currently facing the signup issue as well. Any solution please​

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