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Connecting Databricks to Heroku Kafka

Community Manager
Community Manager


On one POC, we are trying to connect to Heroku Kafka from the Databricks Workspace. 

 On the Heroku Kafka, the configuration details for connection are given in the form of 4 variables as below: 

-------Connection Variables———— 

KAFKA_CLIENT_CERT (in .pem format) 

KAFKA_CLIENT_CERT_KEY (in .pem format) 

KAFKA_TRUSTED_CERT (in .pem format) 

KAFKA_URL (kafka+ssl:// <<broker1:port>>, kafka+ssl:// <<broker2:port>>..........) 

-------Connection Variables————— 

On the Databricks side, we are trying to connect using the below scala code.


import org.apache.spark.sql.functions.{get_json_object, json_tuple}
var streamingInputDF = 
  .option("kafka.bootstrap.servers", "kafka+ssl://host1:port1,kafka+ssl://host2:port2")
  .option("kafka.ssl.truststore.location", "<<truststore.jks location on dbfs>>")
  .option("kafka.ssl.truststore.password", "<<password>>")
  .option("kafka.ssl.keystore.location", "<<keystore.jks location on dbfs>>")
  .option("kafka.ssl.keystore.password", "<<password>>")
  .option("subscribe", "<<topic_name>>")   
  .option("startingOffsets", "latest") 
  .option("minPartitions", "10") 
  .option("failOnDataLoss", "true")


Error that I am getting is given below:



What have I tried so far?

I have created the jks file using the blog

I have tried executing the notebook placing the jks file on both the S3 bucket with mount point on DBFS as well as placing the certificates in the dbfs locations like - 

  1. /FileStore/tables/certificates/keystore.jks
  2. /FileStore/tables/certificates/truststore.jks

But even after placing the jks files on both storage options, I am getting the error Failed to load SSL keystore /FileStore/tables/certificates/keystore.jks of type JKS.

Kindly help in resolving this issue.

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