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Dask-Databricks init script not working

New Contributor

Hello everybody ! 


I am trying to use the Dask-Databricks distribution (

i set up the required init-script according to the instructions on the Github page and had no problems there, however the cluster is not able to start always crashing with this error message : failed: Script exit status is non-zero

Unfortunately i don't know the first thing about scripting or init scripts and couldn't find anything to fix this

This is the script i used : 


# Install Dask + Dask Databricks
/databricks/python/bin/pip install --upgrade dask[complete] dask-databricks

# Start Dask cluster components
dask databricks run


Thank you for your help ! 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @rbauer, It seems you’re encountering issues with starting your Dask-Databricks cluster due to a non-zero exit status from your init script.

Let’s troubleshoot this together.

Here are some steps you can take to address the problem:

  1. Check the Init Script:

    • Ensure that the init script you’ve set up follows the correct syntax and is free of errors.
    • Verify that the path to the script is accurate. You’ll need the full path to the location of the script (e.g., dbfs:/databricks/<init-script-folder>/
  2. Cluster-Scoped Init Script:

  3. Mirror Sync in Progress:

  4. Remove Extra Quotes:

If you encounter further difficulties, feel free to ask for more assistance. Good luck, and I hope your Dask cluster starts smoothly! 🚀🌟

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