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[delta live tabel] exception: getPrimaryKeys not implemented for debezium

New Contributor III

I've defined a streaming deltlive table in a notebook using python.

  • running on "preview" channel
  • delta cache accelerated (Standard_D4ads_v5) compute

It fails with
org.apache.spark.sql.streaming.StreamingQueryException: [STREAM_FAILED] Query [id = xxx, runId = yyy] terminated with exception: getPrimaryKeys not implemented for debezium SQLSTATE: XXKST

  • running on "current" channel
  • delta cache accelerated (Standard_D4ads_v5) compute

It fails with

scala.ScalaReflectionException: object com.databricks.cdc.spark.DebeziumJDBCMicroBatchProvider not found.

The notebook


import dlt
import pyspark.sql.functions as F

  table_properties={"quality": "silver"},
  partition_cols=["event_year", "event_month", "event_day_of_month"],
@dlt.expect_or_drop("valid_date", F.col("event_datetime").isNotNull())
@dlt.expect_or_drop("valid_report_index", F.col("report_index").isNotNull())
@dlt.expect_or_drop("valid_event_datetime", F.col("event_datetime").isNotNull())
@dlt.expect_or_drop("valid_event_value", F.col("event_value").isNotNull())
def get_hour_values():
  return (
      .withColumnRenamed('ReportIx', 'report_index')
      .withColumnRenamed('DateTime', 'event_datetime')
      .withColumnRenamed('Value', 'event_value')
      .withColumnRenamed('Quality', 'quality')
    .withColumn("ingestion_datetime", F.current_timestamp())
    .withColumn("event_year", F.year(F.col("event_datetime")))
    .withColumn("event_month", F.month(F.col("event_datetime")))
    .withColumn("event_day_of_month", F.dayofmonth(F.col("event_datetime")))




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @smedegaard

  • You’re encountering a StreamingQueryException with the message: “getPrimaryKeys not implemented for debezium SQLSTATE: XXKST.”
  • This error suggests that the getPrimaryKeys operation is not supported for the Debezium connector in your current setup.
  • To resolve this, consider checking the configuration of your Debezium connector and ensure that it supports the necessary operations for your use case.
  • You’re encountering a ScalaReflectionException with the message: “object com.databricks.cdc.spark.DebeziumJDBCMicroBatchProvider not found.”
  • This error indicates that the specified class (com.databricks.cdc.spark.DebeziumJDBCMicroBatchProvider) is not available in your classpath.
  • To address this issue:
    • Verify that the required library or package containing the missing class is correctly included in your environment.
    • Check your Spark configuration to ensure that the necessary dependencies are available.
    • If the class is part of an external library, make sure it’s added to your Spark cluster’s library dependencies.
  • If you need further assistance, feel free to ask! 😊

@Kaniz_Fatma Thanks for the reply. But it does not help me much. Do you have more specific advise to help me resolve my problem?

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