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DUPLICATE: Missing 'DBAcademy DLT' as a Cluster Policy when creating Delta Live Tables pipeline

New Contributor III

Good afternoon,

I'm currently going through Module 4 of the Data Engineering Associate pathway, specifically lesson 4.1 - DLT UI Walkthrough. We are instructed to specify the Cluster Policy as 'DBAcademy DLT' when configuring the pipeline. However, this option isn't listed as a Cluster Policy in the Compute section of the configuration settings. The only option available is 'None'.

I believe I have the correct cluster policies enabled when creating a cluster, and am unable to find a solution.

May I ask if there is a possible solution to this issue?  I have noticed that another member of the community has encountered the same issue. I apologize for this duplicate post!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @OliverCadman , 

I'm so sorry to hear you had this issue. 

The most important step is to file a ticket in our Help Center.

New Contributor II

The policy will be available after running the notebook /Users/<YOUR USER NAME>/Data Engineering with Databricks - v3.1.4/Includes/Workspace-Setup



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