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Error when importing .dbc of a complete Workspace

New Contributor II

I saved the content of an older Databricks Workspace by clicking on the Dropdown next to Workspace -> Export -> DBC Archive and saved it on my local machine.

In a new Databricks Workspace, I now want to import That .DBC archive to restore the previous notebooks etc. When I right click within the new Workspace -> Import -> Select the locally saved .DBC Archive, I get the following error:


I already deleted the old Databricks instance from which I created the .DBC Archive.

Do you have any idea on how I could still save my notebooks/code?

Best wishes


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@Sebastian K​ :

It looks like the error you are facing while importing the DBC archive could be due to the version incompatibility between the Databricks instance where you created the DBC archive and the one where you are trying to import it. Can you try and rule this out?

You can try using the Databricks command-line interface (CLI) to import the DBC archive. To do so, you need to first install the Databricks CLI and authenticate it with your Databricks workspace. Then, use the following command to import the DBC archive:

databricks workspace import_dir /path/to/dbc/archive

Dear suteja,

Thank you for your response. I tried importing the DBC archive in different Workspace versions and it unfortunately did not work either. (same error)

Other DBC archives of single folders from the Workspace can be imported to my current Workspace (I archived some folders of the old Workspace on a per folder basis in addition to the archive of the complete Workspace). Only the DBC archive of the complete Workspace does not work when importing and gives the error mentioned above.

Any other ideas?

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