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Get metadata information about Delta Table using only SQL Editor (Query)?

New Contributor

I'm trying to obtain the basic information and the storage location of the delta table, but without success.
Is there a way to get: storage location, type, catalog, schema, table name using SQL Editor through a query?
I can get the basic information (catalog, schema, table name) through the information_schema.tables table, but I couldn't find the rest (storage location, type).
I did a search and the AI-ChatGPT ​​suggested the query below but it's not working.

t.table_catalog, t.table_schema, t.table_name, t.table_type,
detail.sizeInBytes, detail.location, detail.format
information_schema.tables t,
LATERAL (DESCRIBE DETAIL delta.`${t.table_catalog}.${t.table_schema}.${t.table_name}`) detail
t.table_type = 'EXTERNAL' AND detail.format = 'delta'

Thank you very much if anyone can help



Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Heron,

The output of the `DESCRIBE DETAIL table_name` includes the table format, size in bytes, location, and other information that sounds like what you're looking for. The only one I'm unsure about is the 'table type'. Here's the schema of the output of that command:

Hope it helps.

Contributor III

I believe what you're looking for is DESCRIBE EXTENDED <table_name>.
This returns both delta storage location aswell as detailed table information such as type, table properties, catalog, schema, etc. 

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