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Haven't received Badge for Apache Spark 3.0 Associate Dev certification


I have given my exam on 8/10/2021 and have passed it, subsequently I received me certificate but haven't received the badge associated with it yet, its been almost 2 weeks since I received the certificate and have raised 2 requests through the main contact page but didn't get any reply for it and the url associated with it isn't accessible, any ideas whom to contact for the same?


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Hello I think there's some confusion, I have received the badge way back when I had confirmed it. There seems to be an issue with another user not me, I have received the badge and the certificate. @Juliet Wu​  @Kaniz Fatma​ 

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@Piper Wilson​  and/or @Kaniz Fatma​ can help with redirect issue.

How was exam difficulty?

It was medium I suppose, some questions were straight forward and for some had to skim through the documentation, overall it was on the easier side

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ok more question 🙂 How you prepare for the exam (books, courses stc.)? Any special recommendations? Have you used some example list of questions?

Go through spark the definitive guide, this book is very well written and explains all you need . "Sections I, II, and IV of Spark: The Definitive Guide and Chapters 1-7 of Learning Spark should also be helpful in preparation" as quoted on the main page but in my experience 'Learning spark' was a bit haphazard. Also try the practice exam provided as it gives a complete idea of what to expect and questions were similar, all books have notebooks attached with it, you can use community edition for practicing those.

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Esteemed Contributor III

Hi @Atharva Salunke​  From what I've seen in the past, it can take a couple of weeks before folks receive their badge.

Oh because few of my colleagues have received it on the same day as when they received the certificate. The issue is actually not being able to access the raised ticket and knowing if there's any progress, thanks for replying

Hi @Atharva Salunke​ ,

Congratulations on passing your exam and receiving the certificate!

I've reached out to my team related to your issue.

They'll reply anytime soon.

Can you please share the raised ticket details over my email in order to update you?

Sure, thank you for replying!

This is the auto generated mail I recieved
Hi Atharva,
Your request #00119479 has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.
Ticket Detail:
Ticket Number: #00119479
Subject: Databricks Apache spark 3.0 badge not received
Status: New
Requester: Atharva Salunke
Priority: Normal
Ticket URL:
Unique TicketId: [ ref:_00D61JGc4._5003fFgSHM:ref ]
Account: L&T Infotech Ltd - HQ (Larsen & Toubro)
Description: [ I have given the exam for Databricks certified Associate Developer for Apache Spark 3.0 on 8th October and received my certificate on 13/10/2021. I haven't received the badge associated with it even after 15 days. Have already raised a request for it but didn't get any reply from your side, please provide a solution asap as I need the badge for company needs. ]
To add additional comments, reply to this email.
Databricks Support

Hi @Atharva Salunke​ , Thank you for sharing this. Forwarded it to the concerned team. They'll reach out to you soon😊 .

Hi @Atharva Salunke​ , we apologize for the delay, You may expect the badge to be issued by tomorrow.

Okay, Thank you! @Juliet Wu​ 😊

Hi @Atharva Salunke​ the badge has been issued. Can you confirm it's been received?

Yes just checked it, Thank you @Juliet Wu​ and  @Kaniz Fatma​ for the swift resolution.

I have been issued a new certificate along with the badge ,so the previous is void right?