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How can I give users permissions to see the objects metadata without access to data

Valued Contributor II

Only permissions I can see are select and this gives access to data and that is very unwanted. I only want users to see the metadata, like table/view/column names and descriptions/comments and location and such but not to see any data.


Valued Contributor

Hi @Merca Ovnerud​ , you have 'READ_METADATA' privilege that you can set for a data object.

Example code in SQL: GRANT READ_METADATA ON SCHEMA schema_name TO user/user_group;

Reference link:

Hope it helps!

Valued Contributor II

Unfortunately I get error on this grant:

`Value 'READ_METADATA' is not a valid permission`

Honored Contributor III

Hi @Merca Ovnerud​ 

You can try in the same method @Geeta Sai Boddu​ suggested.

Before trying make sure that your cluster has table access control enabled. Only if your cluster is a shared access cluster, it will be enabled by default.

Also someone with admin privileges must enable table access control to your workspace.

Do check out these prerequisites before running that SQL code.

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