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Migrate a notebook that reside in workspace using Databricks Asset Bundle

New Contributor II

Hello Community Folks -

Did anyone implemented migration of notebooks that is in workspace to production databricks workspace using Databricks Asset Bundle? If so can you please help me with any documentation which I can refer? Thanks!!


Niruban M


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @niruban, Migrating notebooks from one Databricks workspace to another using Databricks Asset Bundles is a useful approach.

Let me guide you through the process and provide relevant documentation.

  1. Databricks Asset Bundles Overview:

  2. Requirements:

  3. Decision: Create the Bundle:

    • Decide whether you want to create the bundle using a template or manually:
      • Create the bundle by using a template:
        • Use the Databricks default bundle template for Python, which pairs a notebook or Python code with the definition of a job to run it.
        • Set up authentication between the Databricks CLI on your development machine and your Databricks workspace.
        • Deploy the bundle using the databricks bundle deploy command.
        • Validate, deploy, and run the job within your Databricks workspace.
      • Create the bundle manually:
        • Create a bundle configuration file that specifies the job definition, notebooks, and other sources.
        • Add an existing job definition to the bundle.
        • Configure the job to use serverless compute.
        • Deploy the bundle using the Databricks CLI1.
  4. Additional Tips:

  5. Documentation:

I hope this helps you successfully migrate your notebooks to the production Databricks workspace! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. 😊

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