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ModuleNotFoundError when run with foreachBatch on serverless mode

New Contributor II

I using Notebooks to do some transformations 

I install a new whl:



%pip install --force-reinstall /Workspace/<my_lib>.whl



Then I  successfully import the installed lib



from my_lib.core import test



However when I run my code with foreachBatch it raises ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'my_lib'.

This is my code:



from my_lib.utils import clogs
logs = clogs.logs()
def _test(df, b):

mystream =  spark.readStream\
                                    .table('my_tbale') \
                                    .trigger(once=True) \



It raises an error: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'my_lib'.

Please help



Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank @Kaniz_Fatma for your response.

Today, I re-run my job again, without any changes. It doesn’t raise module not found my_lib as I mentioned above, but it raises the Access Denied on my S3 bucket. I don't see anywhere to set my IAMr or instance profile on the serverless as I did with provision compute.


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