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Optimize & Compaction



From which data bricks runtime will support Optimize and compaction


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Esteemed Contributor III

Hi, DBR 9.1 LTS and above. Please refer:

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Thanks, only SQL version will support this feature in 9.1 LTS, PySpark scripts are availbe or not ?

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yes, as the optimize is set in spark config options, this is language agnostic.

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Hi @Thushar R​ 

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Optimize and compaction are operations commonly used in Apache Spark for optimizing and improving the performance of data storage and processing. Databricks, which is a cloud-based platform for Apache Spark, provides support for these operations on various runtime versions.

Here are some runtime versions in Databricks that support optimize and compaction:

  1. Databricks Runtime 7.2 and later versions: Databricks Runtime 7.2 introduced a new feature called Delta Lake Auto Optimize, which enables automatic optimization and compaction of Delta Lake tables based on a set of predefined rules. This feature is available in all later versions of Databricks Runtime as well.
  2. Databricks Runtime 6.4 and later versions: Databricks Runtime 6.4 introduced the OPTIMIZE command for Delta Lake tables, which enables manual optimization and compaction of Delta Lake tables.
  3. Earlier runtime versions: Optimize and compaction are not available in earlier versions of Databricks Runtime. If you're using an earlier version, you can consider upgrading to a later version to take advantage of these features.