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Pandas DataFrame error when using to_csv

New Contributor II

Hi Everyone, 

I would like to a Pandas Dataframe to /dbfs/FileStore/ using to_csv method.

Usually it would just write the Dataframe to the path described but It has been giving me "FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/dbfs/FileStore/test.csv".

I have tried

df.to_csv("/dbfs/FileStore/test.csv", header= None, index= None)
df.to_csv("dbfs/FileStore/test.csv", header=None, index=None)
df.to_csv("dbfs:/FileStore/test.csv", header=None, index=None)
df.to_csv("/FileStore/test.csv", header=None, index=None)
df.to_csv("FileStore/test.csv", header=None, index=None)

But all give out the same error.

using dbutils i see that the folder are present."dbfs:/FileStore")
Out[32]: [FileInfo(path='dbfs:/FileStore/tables/', name='tables/', size=0, modificationTime=0)]

I am new here and i tried searching the problem for a long time but I can't find a solution. Please help.


New Contributor III

f = open("/dbfs/mnt/blob/myNames.txt", "r")

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