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Unable to copy mutiple files from file:/tmp to dbfs:/tmp

New Contributor II

I am downloading multiple files by web scraping and by default they are stored in /tmp

I can copy a single file by providing the filename and path

%fs cp file:/tmp/2020-12-14_listings.csv.gz dbfs:/tmp

but when I try to copy multiple files I get an error

%fs cp file:/tmp/*_listings* dbfs:/tmp


FileNotFoundException: File file:/tmp/_listings does not exist

Hoping someone has seen this before


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @ hoopla! My name is Kaniz, and I'm the technical moderator here. Great to meet you, and thanks for your question! Let's see if your peers on the community have an answer to your question first. Or else I will follow up shortly with a response.

Contributor III

Wildcards are currently not supported with dbutils. You can move the whole directory:"file:/tmp/test", "dbfs:/tmp/test2", recurse=True)

or just a single file:"file:/tmp/test/test.csv", "dbfs:/tmp/test2/test2.csv")

Since the wildcards are not allowed, we need to make it work in this way (list the files and then move or copy - slight traditional way)

import os
def db_list_files(file_path, file_prefix):
  file_list = [file.path for file in if os.path.basename(file.path).startswith(file_prefix)]
  return file_list
files = db_list_files('file:/your/src_dir', 'foobar')
for file in files:
  dbutils.fs.cp(file, os.path.join('dbfs:/your/tgt_dir', os.path.basename(file)))

New Contributor II
Thanks Deepak
This is what I have suspected.
Hopefully the wild card feature might be available in future
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