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Programmatically Update Table / Columns Descriptions in Unity Catalog Without Altering Table

New Contributor II

Currently, we must re-run our DLT pipelines anytime we want to add/modify a table or column description to unity catalog.

  • Is this the only way to add/modify unity catalog descriptions?
  • Is there functionality within databricks cli / sdk that we can leverage to programmatically update table or column descriptions?
  • Is there an api like StatementExecutionAPI?

Is this feature on the product roadmap?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @wallfacer, Let’s explore some options for programmatically updating table or column descriptions in Unity Catalog within Databricks:

  1. Databricks CLI and SDK:

    • You can leverage the Databricks Command-Line Interface (CLI) and the Databricks SDK to programmatically update table or column descriptions.
    • The Databricks CLI provides a set of commands that allow you to interact with Databricks workspaces, clusters, and other resources from the command line.
    • The Databricks SDK (Python-based) allows you to programmatically manage Databricks resources using Python scripts.
    • You can use these tools to update table or column descriptions without altering the table itself1.
  2. SQL Syntax:

  3. REST API:

  4. Product Roadmap:

    • As for whether this feature is on the product roadmap, I will get back to you.

Remember to choose the approach that best fits your requirements and workflow. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to ask! 😊431

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