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The invited user cannot receive an invitation email from Databricks

New Contributor II

Hi Everyone,

I configured my workspace with the unity catalog; however, ever since, I am unable to add users to my workspace. The issue is not related to the process of adding a user, but is related to the added user cannot receive invitation emails to my workspace from Databricks.

Any ideas or solutions will be much appreciated. I really appreciate your help.


Esteemed Contributor

@Hao Jiang​ are you adding users in workspace level/ account level. once after you enable UC users and groups should be configured form account level not workspace level

New Contributor II

Hi Karthik,

I added the user from the account level. And the added user had successfully configured to the workspace level. But the user cannot get the invitation email. In addition, when I copy my workspace's URL and send it to the user, he still cannot log in (he has an azure account too). So, I am not sure what might be the issue.

New Contributor II


I have exactly the same problem. We are using gsuite email addresses and if I add a `+test` to the email address I receive the mail correctly. Nevertheless, I don't want to do this of course.

Any ideas on what is going on here? @pandas Did you already find a solution?

Thx for helping me out.

Esteemed Contributor III
Esteemed Contributor III

Do you have SSO configured or direct login? If SSO try accessing the workspace using SSO. 

If its direct login, had the users tried forgot password option?

If they still don't receive the email, then the email transaction might be blocked by the network. We need to check the logs for the workspace and the user email address that doesn't receive the invitation email.

New Contributor II

Hi @Prabakar ,

Thx for the reply.

We are not using SSO for this account. As we are using it for demo purposes that introduces a bigger complexity.

Even if i click the reset password link in the account workspace or I click the forget password at the login dialog, I always end up with the same behaviour. I don't receive any email if I'm using the regular email address. From the moment I add a `+test` to the address I do receive an email.

New Contributor III

Hi @pandas , 
I faced the similar issue and upon raising a support ticket to Databricks, got to know the root cause (based on the response received). 

In case your email address has some issues receiving the email when the invite is being sent, the email gets bounced and is added in Suppression list.

For me, when my email id was invited, the email id had access issues. So it went into suppression list. 

The support team released it from the suppression list and then I started getting invite email. 

Below is the text from the response of the ticket.
"Reason": "BOUNCE",

The reason for this could be one of these:

A soft bounce or a transient bounce is a bounced email that's rejected by the recipient mail server because of a temporary failure. Temporary failures that can lead to a soft bounce include:

  • The recipient mailbox is full.

  • The recipient mailbox is temporarily unavailable.

  • The server limits are exceeded.

  • The server is overloaded.

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