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Exam retest voucher

New Contributor II

Hi Data bricks Team,
I set for Data bricks Certified Machine Learning Professional exam for 2nd time (10 Sept 2023), but didn't pass again. Got 66.66% overall.
I am seasoned Data bricks user but this particular exam is quite unorthodox one. Nevertheless I know I can be prepared better next time.
I very much wont to have this certification (which is very valued in my region), but I can't afford the fee anymore.

Is it possible to get retest voucher?
Looking forward to your response.


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi @Theor Thank you for submitting a ticket to our support team! They are working on it.

New Contributor II

Many thanks,
waiting for positive response and thinking about study strategy

Please visit the webpage for this exam. There is also an exam guide.

New Contributor II

Thanks, of course. 
Any hope for retest voucher?

PS: My Criterion case number is 1187961 if this is of any help

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