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The updated Databricks Community welcomes you!

Community Manager
Community Manager

To ensure we continue to evolve and mature to deliver greater value to you, we are happy to unveil this revamped Databricks Community experience and platform with an improved user interface, content and discussion categories organised based on areas of interest for you, and new technical content and networking areas to meet you where you are. 

The Databricks Community is dedicated to be a valuable resource for data practitioners, regardless of whether you are curious as to what working in the data industry is like or a veteran data engineer, enterprise architect, data scientist, machine learning professional or data analyst. 

Since our launch in late 2021, the Databricks Community has grown with you and the industry, including - 

  • Welcoming more than 50K new Community members and data practitioners from around the world
  • More than 6K questions posted with more than 15K comments and answers responded
  • Great percentage of questions marked with “Best Answers” (or what we’re calling “Accepted Solutions” here) 
  • More excitedly, more and more of our savvy and generous Community members - your veteran peers from across the globe - chiming in and share answers, learnings and experiences 

And this is just the beginning! 

We were so fortunate to have the input and guidance from some of our top 100 Community members in the design and review process of building this new Community experience, but there is SO much more we have on our roadmap and SO much more we want to offer to you. 

So, please, poke around! Explore the different discussion and content areas; ask questions, give us feedback, and tell us what you want to see. 

As your Community Team, we’re here; we’re listening and we are ready to be a better resource for you as this Community learns, networks and celebrates together. 



The new website looks amazing!!!!!

Honored Contributor II

Its better to bring back 100% free ceritification vouchers. Only then we can make proper utilization of the rewards points earned in databricks comminity rewards. Also it would be good if new goodies which are more useful to the people who solves the tough questions. Some of the products are not of good quality like Panama glasses. When people across the world are claiming for te rewards points, it would be great if databricks provides some valuable goodies.


This is amazing. Really excited.

New Contributor II


Esteemed Contributor III

Does anyone know how to change the email address in the new community?