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Pushing SparkNLP Model on Mlflow

New Contributor

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to load a SparkNLP (link for more details about the model if required) from Mlflow Registry.

To this end, I have followed one tutorial and implemented below codes:

import mlflow.pyfunc
class LangDetectionModel(mlflow.pyfunc.PythonModel):
    def __init__(self):
      from sparknlp.pretrained import PretrainedPipeline
      from sparknlp.pretrained import PipelineModel 
      # embed the sparknlp model 
      self._model  = PipelineModel.load("/mnt/sparknlp_models/detect_language_375/")
    def predict(self, eval_data_lang_detect):
    # Apply the transform function for lang detetction
      list_columns = eval_data_lang_detect.columns 
      model_output =self._model.transform(eval_data_lang_detect).select(list_columns+ [F.col("language.result").getItem(0)]).withColumnRenamed('language.result[0]','sparknlp_column')
      return model_output
model_path = "my-langdetect-model"
reg_model_name = "NlpieLangDetection"
sparknlp_model = LangDetectionModel()
# Log MLflow entities and save the model
# Save the conda environment for this model.
conda_env = {
    'channels': ['defaults', 'conda-forge'],
    'dependencies': [
    'pip': [
    'name': 'mlflow-env'
# Save the model
with mlflow.start_run(run_name="Nlpie Language Detection") as run:
    model_path = f"{model_path}-{}"
    mlflow.log_param("algorithm", "SparNLPLangDetection")
    mlflow.pyfunc.save_model(path=model_path, python_model=sparknlp_model, conda_env=conda_env)

I am getting an error on last piece of code where I am trying to save the model on Mlflow registry.

Below the error get I am getting:

TypeError: cannot pickle '_thread.RLock' object
TypeError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
<command-2121909764500367> in <module>
      4     model_path = f"{model_path}-{}"
      5     mlflow.log_param("algorithm", "SparNLPLangDetection")
----> 6     mlflow.pyfunc.save_model(path=model_path, python_model=sparknlp_model, conda_env=conda_env)
/databricks/python/lib/python3.8/site-packages/mlflow/pyfunc/ in save_model(path, loader_module, data_path, code_path, conda_env, mlflow_model, python_model, artifacts, signature, input_example, pip_requirements, extra_pip_requirements, **kwargs)
   1467         )
   1468     elif second_argument_set_specified:
-> 1469         return mlflow.pyfunc.model._save_model_with_class_artifacts_params(
   1470             path=path,
   1471             python_model=python_model,
/databricks/python/lib/python3.8/site-packages/mlflow/pyfunc/ in _save_model_with_class_artifacts_params(path, python_model, artifacts, conda_env, code_paths, mlflow_model, pip_requirements, extra_pip_requirements)
    162         saved_python_model_subpath = "python_model.pkl"
    163         with open(os.path.join(path, saved_python_model_subpath), "wb") as out:
--> 164             cloudpickle.dump(python_model, out)
    165         custom_model_config_kwargs[CONFIG_KEY_PYTHON_MODEL] = saved_python_model_subpath
    166     else:
/databricks/python/lib/python3.8/site-packages/cloudpickle/ in dump(obj, file, protocol, buffer_callback)
     53         compatibility with older versions of Python.
     54         """
---> 55         CloudPickler(
     56             file, protocol=protocol, buffer_callback=buffer_callback
     57         ).dump(obj)
/databricks/python/lib/python3.8/site-packages/cloudpickle/ in dump(self, obj)
    631     def dump(self, obj):
    632         try:
--> 633             return Pickler.dump(self, obj)
    634         except RuntimeError as e:
    635             if "recursion" in e.args[0]:
TypeError: cannot pickle '_thread.RLock' object

Please let me know if you need any further details.

Many Thanks in advance for your support.


New Contributor II
New Contributor II


The problem might be with pickling a language model.

Have you tried to use mlflow.spark.log_model to save the model? Spark ML models cannot be serialized as pickle files. They are serialized in a language-neutral hierarchical format that can be read by both Python and Scala as in the "sparkml" directory below.

| +-stages/
| | +-1_DecisionTreeRegressor_6aae1e6c3fed/
| | | +-data/
| | | | +-part-00000-a4b9cb99-abd2-40c3-90d2-a46b44926263-c000.snappy.parquet
| | | | +-.part-00000-a4b9cb99-abd2-40c3-90d2-a46b44926263-c000.snappy.parquet.crc
| | | | +-._SUCCESS.crc
| | | |
| | | +-metadata/
| | |   +-part-00000
| | |   +-.part-00000.crc
| | |   +-._SUCCESS.crc
| | |  
| | +-0_VectorAssembler_ce8bcea8c5b3/
| |   +-metadata/
| |     +-part-00000
| |     +-.part-00000.crc
| |     +-._SUCCESS.crc
| |    
| +-metadata/
|   +-part-00000
|   +-.part-00000.crc
|   +-._SUCCESS.crc

Another resource on Models an deployment is this post on Medium "Effortless models deployment with Mlflow — Packing a NLP product review classifier from HuggingFace" (

New Contributor II
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