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Am I able to use gateway.create_route in mlflow for open source LLM models?I'm aware of the syntax for propietary models like for openAI: from mlflow import gateway gateway.create_route( name=OpenAI_embeddings_route_name...
Is there any python script that allows me to terminate (not delete)  a cluster in the notebook, similar to this R equivalent ofterminate_cluster(cluster_id, workspace, token = NULL, verbose = T, ...)
I have a function for rotating images written in python:from PIL import Image def rotate_image(image, rotation_angle): im = out = im.rotate(rotation_angle, expand = True) return outI now want to use this function as a pyspark ...
I saved an xgboost boost model in filetstore as a pkl file.I call the model by the commands belowmodel = pickle.load(open('/.../model.pkl', 'rb'))model.predict_proba(df[features])The model has been running for sometime with the above commands but I n...
I built a machine learning model:lr = LinearRegression(), y_train)which I can save to the filestore by:filename = "/dbfs/FileStore/lr_model.pkl" with open(filename, 'wb') as f: pickle.dump(lr, f)Ideally, I wanted to save the model ...
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