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Some ISP's like Charter have their systems configured in such a way that from a customers router the ARP table for all of the IP's in the subnet show the same MAC address. The IP it hands off through their modem to the CPE router is a /22. When you t...
Hello Python People.Im still going through the motions learning python and have a general question.example = Im creating basic ETL tasks to practice (SQL, SQLite, Excel etc)I can see that to read excel I can use the pyodbc module - or can use Pandas ...
I do a lot of work with numpy arrays and pytorch tensors, but occasionally throw some native lists around. I naturally want to write <list>.sum(), which would work for these other third-party iterables, but doesn't work for native lists.It'd be very ...
I am looking to create a basic virtual assistant (AI) that implements machine learning mechanisms.I have some basic knowledge of Python and I have seen some courses on the internet (youtube in particular) that look very interesting.But for the moment...
I want to know weather an arrow key or the escape character has ben pressed. But in order to check which arrow key has been pressed I need to do multiple blocking getch-calls bc the arrow-key sequence is bigger than 1 char. This is a problem when I c...
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