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I get an error when writing dataframe to s3 location Found invalid character(s) among " ,;{}()\n\t=" in the column names of yourI have gone through all the columns and none of them have any special characters. Any idea how to fix this?
I am reading data from a Kafka topic, say topic_a. I have an application, app_one which uses Spark Streaming to read data from topic_a. I have a checkpoint location, loc_a to store the checkpoint. Now, app_one has read data till offset 90.Can I creat...
I have a table `demo_table_one` in which I want to upsert the following valuesdata = [   (11111 , 'CA', '2020-01-26'), (11111 , 'CA', '2020-02-26'), (88888 , 'CA', '2020-06-10'), (88888 , 'CA', '2020-05-10'), (88888 , 'WA', '2020-07-10'), ...
I have data in a Spark Dataframe and I write it to an s3 location. It has some complex datatypes like structs etc. When I create the table on top on the s3 location by using CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS table_name USING DELTA LOCATION 's3://.../...';Th...
I write data to s3 like data.write.format("delta").mode("append").option("mergeSchema", "true").save(s3_location)and create a partitioned table likeCREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS demo_table USING DELTA PARTITIONED BY (column_a) LOCATION {s3_location};whi...