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ERROR:py4j.clientserver:There was an exception while executing the Python Proxy on the Python Side. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/databricks/spark/python/lib/", line 617, in _call_proxy retu...
What is the best practice for accelerating queries which looks like the following?win = Window.partitionBy('key1','key2').orderBy('timestamp')'timestamp', (F.col('col1') - F.lag('col1').over(win)).alias('col1_diff'))I have tried to use OP...
I have a big data delta table with timestamp, key and metric(s) columns (e.g. m1, m2, ...).I often will group by the key (e.g. select max(m1) group by timestamp, key).I cannot partition by `key` because there are too many values( ~200K).I have tried ...
According to the documentation you can monitor a spark structure stream job using QueryExecutionListener. However I cannot find it.
I have a table with a timestamp column (t) and a list of columns for which I would like to compute the difference over time (v), by some key(k): v_diff(t) = v(t)-v(t-1) for each k independently.Normally I would write:lag_window = Window.partitionBy(C...
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