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Hello,I have a code that performs a forecast for 21k items in parallel. It looks like this: def forward_forecast(data): model = ETSModel(window_data, error='add', trend='add', seasonal=None) fitted_model = ...
Hello, I have a git repository on Databricks with notebooks that are meant to be shared with other users. The reason these notebooks are in git as opposed to the "shared" workspace already is because they are to be continuously improved and need sepa...
 am running a k-means algorithm. My feature are DoubleType and have no nulls, but I get : raise TypeError("Params must be either a param map or a list/tuple of param maps but got %s." % type(params). Anyone have any idea how to solve this?File /datab...
Hi, I am running several linear regressions on my dataframe, in which I run a regression for every unique value in the column "item" , apply the model to a new dataset (vector_new), and at the end union the results as the loop runs. The problem is th...
0I am trying to run a notebook from another notebook using the as follows:import ipywidgets as widgetsfrom ipywidgets import interactfrom ipywidgets import Boxbutton = widgets.Button(description='Run model')out = widgets.Output()...
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