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I am unable to create bloom filter index on my tableCREATE BLOOMFILTER INDEX ON TABLE FOR COLUMNS (id OPTIONS (fpp = 0.1, numItems = 6000000))Gives the errorAnalysisException: Table `spark_catalog`.`my_namespace`.`foo` did not specif...
We have a live streaming table created using the commandCREATE OR REFRESH STREAMING LIVE TABLE foo TBLPROPERTIES ( "pipelines.autoOptimize.zOrderCols" = "c1,, c2, c3, c4", "delta.randomizeFilePrefixes" = "true" );But when I run the show table propert...
The documentation statesYou can specify multiple columns for  ZORDER BY as a comma-separated list. However, the effectiveness of the locality drops with each extra columnWhat does it mean for "effectiveness of the locality to drop" with each extra co...
I am in a situation where I have a notebook that runs in a pipeline that creates a "live streaming table". So, I cannot use a language other than sql in the pipeline. I would like to format a certain column in the pipeline using a scala code (it's a ...
My data is a dump of JSON response from an API. The schema of the json iscol_name data_type   data array<struct<attributes:struct<name: String, age: Int relationships:struct<address:struct<data:arraay<struct<id: long, type: string>>>>>>>  ...
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