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Hola all, I'm experiencing a quite strange error. The problem is that and happens inside a GITLAB pipeline:$ databricks current-user meError: default auth: cannot configure default credentials, please check
The story is that I can access a service listening on port 80 using a single node cluster, but can't do the same using a shared node cluster. I read about the `spark.databricks.pyspark.iptable.outbound.whitelisted.ports` , however, setting that : `sp...
I'm using Unity catalog and defined some UDFs in my catalog.database, as reported by show functions in main.default main.default.getgender main.default.tointlist main.default.tostrlistI can use them from a start warehouse pro:SELECT main.default.get_...
this a rather complex question that addresses Databricks users only. Let me recap a bit of the context that produced it. In the attempt to adopt the Blue/Green deployment protocol, we found good applications of the table cloning capabilities offered ...
Hola all.I have a serious problem, perhaps I missed something, but can't find the solution. I need to push a job description to Databricks using TERRAFORM. I wrote the code, but there is no way to get a task dependant from two different tasks.Conside...
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