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In python cells I can add the comments `# fmt: off` before a block of code that I want black/autoformatter to ignore and `# fmt: on` afterwards. Is there anything similar I can put in sql cells to accomplish the same effect?Some of the recommendation...
I have no idea what this error means or what it could mean. When I'm trying to save a workflow I get a popup saying this:
I have data that looks like this:2021-11-25T19:00:00.000-0500 2021-03-03T13:00:00.000-0500 2021-03-09T15:00:00.000-0500 2021-03-13T16:00:00.000-0500 2021-03-19T03:00:00.000-0400 2021-05-28T03:00:00.000-0400which is accurate, except I'm pulling the da...
I have gone through about 75 pages and every single example has only relationships from one type of object to the same type of object. about 90% have the exact same example of "Alice Bob" "friends."Has anyone ever made a graphframe with two types of ...
I'm sorry if this is a bad question. The tl;dr is are there any concrete examples of a nosql data science workflows specifically in databricks and if so what are they?is it always the case that our end goal is a dataframe?For us we start as a bunch o...