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Normally, our ELT framework takes in batches one by one and loads the data into target tables. But if more than one batches come in at the same time, the framework will break due to the concurrency issue that multiple sources are trying to write the ...
When I use SQL code like "create table myTable (column1 string, column2 string) using csv options('delimiter' = ',', 'header' = 'true') location 'pathToCsv'" to create a table from a single CSV file stored in a folder within an Azure Data Lake contai...
The master notebook is calling a child notebook using"PathToChildnotebook"). The child notebook defines a user-defined function (UDF) and registers it using spark.udf.register. However, when the child notebook finishes running a...
if I have two dataframes df_target and df_source, can I do"t).merge("s"), "").whenMatched().updateAll().whenNotMatched.insertAll.execute(). when I tried the code above, I got the error "merge is not a member of the...
If I creat a table using the code below: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS jdbcTableusing org.apache.spark.sql.jdbcoptions( url "sql_server_url", dbtable "sqlserverTable", user "username", password "password")will jdbcTable always be automatically sync...
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