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Can you upgrade a workspace from Standard to Premium?

Valued Contributor

Wondering if I can change the SKU of an already created a workspace. My team wants to use some of the premium only features. Do I have to create a whole new workspace with the different SKU?


Honored Contributor III

I think , yes it can be done

this link can help Upgrade or Downgrade an Azure Databricks Workspace

Hi, if I upgrade the workspace, do I have to mount my storage accounts again and add the users again ?

No, you won't have to do either of those. It doesn't recreate or reset the workspace, is a backend process for the account.

Thank you so much for your reply.

New Contributor II

Hi, Is there any downtime after the migration?

I don't think so. As soon as your workspace is created with the updated information, you can consider it as upgraded/downgraded.

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