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Databricks exam got suspended

New Contributor II

Hi @Cert-Team

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to request a review of my recently suspended exam. I believe that my situation warrants reconsideration, and I would like to provide some context for your understanding.
I applied for Databricks Certified: Data Engineer Professional certification on 7th Sep. 2023. The test was going fine for me but suddenly there was an alert from the system (I think I was in proper angle in front of camera and was genuinely giving my exam) and then again after some time another alert came, this time there was a proctor asking me to show the room. I showed the room and there was nothing suspicious in the room still he/she suspended my test.
I almost completed my certification exam and just before I click on submit button this incident happened. This exam is really important for me and 

I would like to request a review of my case with the hope of having my exam suspension lifted so that I can complete my assessment under fair and supervised conditions. I am committed to adhering to all exam rules and guidelines and ensuring that there are no further violations.

I appreciate your understanding and consideration of my situation. Please let me know if there is any additional information or documentation required from my end to facilitate the review process.

I have raised a support request using the below link
Request Id is #00368454

I would really like to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible probably my today itself as many projects are dependent on the certification to be completed.
please resolve this issue it is very urgent to me .




Contributor III
Contributor III

@NikitaSharma In order to protect your personal information, we ask that all information be submitted in a ticket to the support team instead of being posted here. It appears you did that, so thank you and good luck!

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