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Exam Suspended

New Contributor

Hi databricks community and @Cert-Team  ,

Today my exam was scheduled on 2 pm IST and then got rescheduled to 3pm due to system check and my system(personal computer) was stuck by lockdown browser application. Somehow I arranged another laptop to attempt the examination.

Everything was fine till 3rd or 4th question, and then I got a pop up that don't look away from the screen and close your eyes if the eyes feel strained. Then after 1 question, my exam was paused and proctor came and checked the 360 degree camera view of my room including the corners.

I got pop up again at 39th or somewhere saying that don't look away from the screen and close your eyes if the eyes feel strained, I resumed the exam and then I got the same multiple time, so just clicked resume and continued my exam. This is ok if I'm looking away or cheating on the exam, but it's not the case here. I was looking at the screen alone. When I'm at 47th question, I got a ping from proctor saying that my exam got suspended because it doesn't meet the exam criteria and so and so. They didn't allow me to complete my exam and said that I will get a mail with my results for the exam till the attempted question, so I clicked on exit. When I checked in the portal, my exam was "In progress" state and showed that exam is suspended.

Please look into this issue asap since this is not acceptable for me because I never exhibited any malpractice by any means and I'm not sure what happened. Please reschedule my exam or at least share the result of the attempted one. 

I have already raised a support case with request #00486633 and still haven't received any updates yet.

Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate
New Schedule:
Date: 11 June 2024
Time: 15:00
Test Duration: 90 Minutes


New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hello @najiyanazrinpn 

Thank you for reaching out to Databricks Community support!

We know how frustrating it must be for you. Thank you for filing a ticket with our support team. Please allow the support team 24-48 hours for a resolution. In the meantime, you can review the following documentation:

Room requirements

Behavioral considerations

Thanks & Regards

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