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Databricks Community: Migration FAQ (June 2023)

Community Manager
Community Manager

Databricks Community: Migration FAQ (June 2023)


We are thrilled to share that Databricks Community is revamping and will be launching next week with an enhanced experience on a new platform to better serve you.


Below are potential questions and our responses. If you have other questions not addressed below, please flag in the Comments and we'll be sure to get back to you.


Many thanks!



What is this migration about?

Databricks Community ( is currently hosted on Salesforce Experience Cloud. This migration is to migrate the Databricks Community from Salesforce Experience Cloud to Khoros, an industry-leading online community platform.


Why are you doing the migration?

Databricks Community is migrating to Khoros as our new online community platform in order to improve our user and member experience.


What is being migrated?

We will be migrating Databricks Community member, content and activity data from Salesforce Experience Cloud to Khoros. Member data includes details in your user profile. Content includes the questions, posts, answers and comments our members have published. Activity data includes views, upvotes, badges, Group membership.


How could I delete my Databricks Community account?

Databricks Community members can delete their accounts by emailing with title “Delete my Databricks Community Account” and include the email associated with the account and user name. From there, we would delete your user account. The content you have published will remain on Databricks Community but will be associated with “Previous User” instead of your username.



Not applicable

@christys I used to be able to see the history of my forum posts by going to my profile. However now I don't see any history.

New Contributor III

@christys @KellyStocker my old username was "Oliver_Angelil". When I try to login with that name, I see the below. So now I created a new account "OliverAngelil" but the issue is this account is not associated with all my older posts.
Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 06.42.24.png

Seems like I'm now on "Oliver_Angelil" and it is linked to my old posts... seems like the issue has been resolved.

New Contributor II

Unfortunately i'm having the same issue.
My old account:

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