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ADF - Failed To Send Request to Databricks Cluster

Contributor II

I have noticed that my orchestrated pipelines (in ADF) sometimes fail due to this error:

ErrorCode=FailedToReadFromAzureDatabricksDeltaLake,Failed to read from azure databricks delta lake.
Error message : Failed to send request to Azure Databricks Cluster. 
Operation: GetContextStatus.
Error: UnexpectedHttpException: Got invalid response: 404..

This occurs sometimes, not commonly.

Looking to get some more information on how to resolve / prevent this from occurring.

I suspect it might be overload on the cluster and that increasing the specs might solve it. However, the error message is quite vague. To give some context, multiple pipelines use the same cluster for ingestion and ETL. Maybe its better to segregate the pipelines on multiple clusters to prevent overload / concurrency?


Esteemed Contributor III
Esteemed Contributor III

Hi, Thanks for reaching out to

Typically the HTTP errors can happen during heavy load, also it can be network error or fluctuations. Even if it is not happening frequently, would request you to raise a support case , it can be investigated closely and identify a potential solution.

I am a bit uncertain as to how to open a case @Debayan Mukherjee​ . I am running Databricks on Azure, and I assume I would need to open a case with them?

Yes, you will need to file a support ticket on Azure support. When you create your support ticket, please provide the DBR version and the full error stack trace.

Honored Contributor

Hi @Oscar Dyremyhr​ 

Hope all is well! Just wanted to check in if you were able to resolve your issue and would you be happy to share the solution or mark an answer as best? Else please let us know if you need more help. 

We'd love to hear from you.


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