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Resolved! Cannot spin up a cluster

HiWhen I try to spin up a cluster, it gives me a bootstrap timeout error{ "reason": { "code": "BOOTSTRAP_TIMEOUT", "parameters": { "databricks_error_message": "[id: InstanceId(i-00b2b7acdd82e5fde), status: INSTANCE_INITIALIZING, workerEnv...

BWong by New Contributor III
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Resolved! MLFlow failed: You haven't configured the CLI yet

I'm getting an errorYou haven’t configured the CLI yet! Please configure by entering `/databricks/python_shell/scripts/ configure`My cluster is running Databricks Runtime Version 10.1I've also installed mlflow to the cluster l...

Yoni by New Contributor
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Library installation in cluster taking a long time

I am trying to install "pycaret" libraray in cluster using whl file.But it is creating conflict in the dependency sometimes (not always, sometimes it works too.) ​My questions are -1 - How to install libraries in cluster only single time (Maybe from ...

Create cluster error: Backend service unavailable

hello,i'm new to Databricks (community edition account) and encountered a problem just now.When creating a new cluster (default 10.4 LTS) it fails with the following error: Backend service unavailable.I've tried a different runtime > same issue.I've ...

mbvb_py by New Contributor II
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My cluster can't access any tables in data catalogs

My goal is to have table access control in the data science and engineering workspace. So I enabled access control to my cluster using this config "spark.databricks.acl.dfAclsEnabled": "true" and my cluster is shown as Table ACLs enabled now (shield ...

bamhn by New Contributor II
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