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cant read json file with just 1,75 MiB ?

New Contributor II


I am realtively new on databricks, although I am conscious about lazy evaluation, transformations and actions and peristence.

I have a json file (complex-nested) with about 1,73 MiB. 


df ="multiLine""false").json('dbfs:/mnt/makro/bronze/json_ssb/07129_20240514.json'), spark goes on forever without finishing the job. eventually i get an error "The spark driver has stopped unexpectedly and is restarting. Your notebook will be automatically reattached."
Reading this file on my local computer is a no braniner !
you kan get the file if you send a post request to:
table_07129 = ""
query_07129 ={"query":[],"response":{"format":"json-stat2"}}
resultat =, json = query_07129)
I am using a multi node (max 2 workers) 64GB 16 core each standard d16ads_v5 cluster
thanks for your help. 



New Contributor III

This can be resolved by redefining the schema structure explicitly and using that schema to read the file. 

from pyspark.sql.types import StructType, StructField, StringType, IntegerType, ArrayType

# Define the schema according to the JSON structure
schema = StructType([
StructField("field1", StringType(), True),
StructField("field2", IntegerType(), True),
# Add fields according to the JSON structure

# Read the JSON file with the defined schema
df ='dbfs:/mnt/makro/bronze/json_ssb/07129_20240514.json')

New Contributor II

thanks for your reply. In my case I ll need to read different json files in a loop. they have not the same scheme , how to proceed in that case? thanks