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Error during deserializing protobuf data

New Contributor III

I am receiving protobuf data in a json attribute and along with it I receive a descriptor file.

I am using from_protobuf to deserialize the data as below,


It works most of the time but giving error when there are some recursive fields within the protobuf.

I tried the property as suggested by the spark doc,issues%20....

Even if I set the propertyrecursive.fields.max.depth to its max value 10 and my protobuf data contains 4 levels of recursive data, it errors out.

Any help here will be appreciated.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Sambit_S, Handling recursive fields in Protobuf can indeed be tricky, especially when deserializing data.

Let’s explore some potential solutions to address this issue:

  1. Casting Issue with Recursive Fields: The error you’re encountering might be related to casting issues when dealing with recursive fields. When the object being treated changes from the class generated through protoc to a RepeatedField, the recursive mechanism fails. One approach to address this is to handle repeated fields (and maps) as separate branches in your ge...1.

  2. Delta Table Error: If you’re using Delta tables, there’s an issue related to recursive field handling. When writing to a Delta table, you might encounter an error related to nested NullType in a column. The proposed fix is to drop the recursive field when the limit is reached instead of using NullType2.

  3. Workaround for Protobuf Import Error in Python 3.6: If you’re facing import errors after compilation in Python 3.6, there’s a workaround. After running protoc, use a sed script to add relative imports to the generated Python files3.

  4. GRPC Build Issue with MSVC: If you encounter build issues related to GRPC and error C2370, there’s an open issue on GitHub. You can follow the repro steps provided by the community to address this problem4.

Remember to adapt these solutions to your specific use case and verify whether they resolve your issue. If you need further assistance, feel free to ask! 😊

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