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Getting a Databricks static IP

New Contributor

Hello. I want to connect from my Databricks workspace to an external API to extract some data. The owner of the API asks for an IP to provide the token necessary for the extraction of data. Therefore I would need to set a static IP in Databricks that does not change over time. Which options do I have? What is the best way of handling the situation?


New Contributor III

Did you find a solution to this? Have the same issue.

Valued Contributor III


the easiest way (in Azure) is to deploy Workspace in VNET Injection mode and attach NAT Gateway to you VNET. NAT GW require Public IP. 
This IP will be your static egress IP for all Cluster in for this Workspace.

Note: both NAT GW and IP Address comes with additional infrastructure cost.

There are alternatives like 

- routing your outbound communication using UDR to Firewall and outbound from Firewall IP (if you don't have existing FW it will be costly)
- use Azure Load Balancer with Public IP (but it is harder to manage)

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