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PermissionError / Operation not Permitted with Files-in-Repos

New Contributor II

I've been running a notebook using files-in-repo. Previously this has worked fine. I'm unsure what's changed (I was testing integration with DCS on older runtimes, but don't think I made any persistent changes)--but now it's throwing an error (always a variant of "Operation not permitted" or "PermissionError'). I'm unable to access a requirements.txt file or load modules in my repo.

As an example, I'll use the databrick files-in-repo notebook. Loading a module:

imageLoading a requirements.txt:

imageSome other information:

  • Running on a single-node cluster with DBR 12.0 and no DCS
  • Files-in-Repo is enabled for DBR 8.4+
  • The Python PWD is my repository path, and the and os path include my repository path.

I'm new to DB; is there something obvious I'm overlooking here?


Esteemed Contributor III

In my opinion, requirements.txt is just in another folder. So please save the requirements file in dbfs and put the full path. And also magic command pip has to be prefixed with a % sign.

%pip install -r /dbfs/requirements.txt

Appreciate the advice, but using an absolute path and using % doesn't fix the problem.

It's almost like DB thinks files-in-repos is not enabled for this cluster.

New Contributor II

Hi @jfarmer , did you solved this issue? I'm having exactly the same challenge.

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