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Read data shared using Delta Sharing open sharing (for recipients) FileNotFoundError

New Contributor II

I'm using the docs here:

However I am unable to read the stored file which is sucessfully created with the following code:


When I attempt to read back the file with the following example code:

import delta_sharing
client = delta_sharing.SharingClient(f"dbfs:/FileStore/extraction/config.share")

The following error is received:

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/databricks/driver/dbfs:/FileStore/extraction/config.share'
File <command-3352291941134744>, line 2
      1 import delta_sharing
----> 2 client = delta_sharing.SharingClient(f"dbfs:/FileStore/extraction/config.share")
      3 client.list_all_tables()
File /local_disk0/.ephemeral_nfs/envs/pythonEnv-fe1622b9-cf42-4ef3-9ffc-a7ec8a5b3a2e/lib/python3.11/site-packages/fsspec/implementations/, in LocalFileOpener._open(self)
    358 if self.f is None or self.f.closed:
    359     if self.autocommit or "w" not in self.mode:
--> 360         self.f = open(self.path, mode=self.mode)
    361         if self.compression:
    362             compress = compr[self.compression]

The file browser in Catalog, DBFS shows that the file is present.
What is going on here? Also why is the documentation incorrect?

Thanks in advance



Esteemed Contributor

As it states in the documentation, try reading the file from 


not from



New Contributor II

Thanks Daniel, but that does not work either.
The only thing that allowed progress was to use:

client = delta_sharing.SharingClient(f"file:///tmp/config.share")

I gave up and installed Apache Spark locally in a venv for now, and will be using AWS going forward.

Not a great experience with Databricks, for example even trying to preview this post results in an error!

Anyway, thanks for your efforts, 


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