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Setting Date Range Picker to some default date

New Contributor II

I have a date range picker filter in Databricks Lakeview Dashboard, so when i open dashboard there is no date selected and i want to set a default date. Is that possible with lakeview dashboard filters?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Pragati_17, You can set a default date for your date range picker filter in Databricks Lakeview Dashboards.

Here’s how:

1. Create a Lakeview Dashboard:

- Click New in the sidebar and select Lakeview Dashboard.
- Your new dashboard is automatically named with its creation timestamp and stored in your /Workspace/Users/<username> directory. You can also create a new Lakeview dashboard from the Dashboards listing page or the Add button in the Workspace menu.

2. Define Datasets:
- Use the Canvas tab to create and edit widgets like visualizations, text boxes, and filters.
- Use the Data tab to define the datasets used in your dashboard. You can write SQL queries or select a Unity Catalog table or view.
- For example, you can define a dataset called “Taxicab data” using a query that accesses publicly available taxicab data from New York City in 2016.

3. Create and Place a Visualization:
- Click the Canvas tab and create a visualization widget, then place it in the canvas.

4. Configure Your Visualization:
- From the Filter dropdown menu in the configuration panel, select Date range picker.
- Select the Title checkbox to create a title field on your filter.
- Click on the placeholder title and type “Date range” to rename your filter.
- From the Filter on the menu, select Taxicab_data.tpep_pickup_datetime1.

Now, when you open your Lakeview Dashboard, the date range picker filter will have the default title “Date range” and will be preconfigured to filter based on the specified dataset. You can adjust the default date range as needed! 📅🚀

Hi @Kaniz_Fatma Thanks for the information but i have data from 2021 May till 2023 Sep and when i am selecting filter as date range picker it is filtering the vizualizations on the dashboard for the entire data and when i select some specific date range it shows data for that but when i go back and again open dashboard the filters are gone and it shows for entire data. I want to set date range by default as 2023-2023 and when user wants they can change from whatever the range they want to select from 2021-2023. If it is possible please give a solution to this. 

Contributor II
Contributor II


Hi there - We're working on default filter values actively and that will help here. For now, when you change filter values you'll notice the URL changes. You can always bookmark the URL or share that modified one with other and when they open it, the filters will be set. Ack that this won't help with open from dashboard listing, homepage recents/favorites, etc but we're working on that! Hope to have good news soon.

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