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Update query from Azure databricks to Oracle table

New Contributor II

I need to update a single row on a on-prem Oracle table via jdbc connection.

Please note, I don't want to append, just have to update a row, is it possible ?


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Hi @Tony S​ 

Great to meet you, and thanks for your question!

Let's see if your peers in the community have an answer to your question. Thanks.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Tony S​ , This article mentioned all the steps required to establish a successful connection with the database using Python.

However, you can try this code :-

df.write.format("jdbc") \
  .option("url", dbServerJdbcUrl) \
  .option("user", username) \
  .option("password", password) \
  .option("driver", "") \ # or "oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver" for Oracle
  .option("dbtable", "your_table_name") \
  .mode('overwrite') \

Make sure you have the necessary dependencies and libraries imported to use the write method with JDBC in PySpark.

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