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validate bundle does not work on windows 10 PRO x64

New Contributor II

I use the databricks cli


and when I run

databricks bundle validate

in my project I get

"Error: no shell found"


In git-bash it works but I have other problems there.


Contributor III

Is it just the validate command or also other databricks cli commands? For example databricks bundle init? does that work?

is databricks cli added to your %PATH% variable inside your system settings?
Can you try to update databricks cli? You're using an older version

The rest work

databricks bundle init works

databricks auth profiles works

I can login through a browser

databricks auth login --host <workspace-url> 


even in git-bash If I export a BROWSER variable like

export BROWSER="/c/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/firefox.exe"

authentication works


In git-bash it does not complain for shell (but there I have proxy problems)

I use latest databricks cli (not legace, see above)

Contributor III

That's strange. Just checking, are you running it from the right folder? (location of databricks.yml file)? 

In both cases, command prompt and git-bash I run it from the correct folder.

Still, I do not understand the "shell" thing, where it is coming from.

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