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Azure Databricks Unity Catalogue Limits

New Contributor III

In Azure, what are the limits of Unity Catalogue?  One UC per region per subscription, or is it one UC per region per tenant? 


Contributor III
Contributor III

One metastore per region per tenant is an enforced soft limit that works for nearly all organisations. You have an additional level of isolation that can be achieved by creating Catalogs inside the Metastore. The recommendation is to use those Catalogs to achieve the isolation you need. You can divide your Catalogs per environment (DEV, Staging, PROD), Business Unit, a mix of both or however you find more useful to your needs.

Each catalog can have a separate LOCATION to store their data in different buckets/containers (S3/ADLS) if required to separate the data in the storage. Also, you can isolate which Catalogs can be accessed by which workspaces, giving you full flexibility.

New Contributor III

thank you for the response, you mentioned "soft limit" so is this something that can be changed? 

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