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external location on unity catalog permits access to s3

Contributor II


when i create external location on unity catalog. even if i dont provide any user grants, i have an write access to the s3 bucket from attached workspace.

  1. i created external location xxxx
  2. i didnt allow any permissions on it
  3. on a workspace that is connected to the metastore:


ended successfully

when i removed the external location, it was failing with AWS error of no permissions, so i'm sure the permissions were delegated from UC.

How do i prevent from users to be able to write to s3 directly when using UC (btw, in the past, i could control the write options on AWS IAM level. though doesnt provide full solution, as i need to grant write selectively)




Valued Contributor II

@Amit Cahanovich​ : Could you please share your config details,

Which DBR version ?

Cluster has any instance profile?

@Sivaprasad C S​ 11.2 (includes Apache Spark 3.3.0, Scala 2.12)

Instance profile =None

Valued Contributor II

what is the cluster mode?

Could you please run below command and share results

uc permissions get --external-location <externallocationname> --profile <databricksprofile>


  "num_workers": 0,

  "cluster_name": "xxxxxx",

  "spark_version": "11.2.x-scala2.12",

  "spark_conf": {

    "spark.master": "local[*, 4]",

    "spark.databricks.cluster.profile": "singleNode",

    "spark.databricks.dataLineage.enabled": "true"


  "aws_attributes": {

    "first_on_demand": 1,

    "availability": "SPOT_WITH_FALLBACK",

    "zone_id": "us-east-2a",

    "spot_bid_price_percent": 100,

    "ebs_volume_count": 0


  "node_type_id": "i3.xlarge",

  "driver_node_type_id": "i3.xlarge",

  "ssh_public_keys": [],

  "custom_tags": {

    "ResourceClass": "SingleNode"


  "spark_env_vars": {

    "DB_CLUSTER_NAME": "\"***_xxxx\"",

    "DD_SITE": "\"\"",

    "DB_CLUSTER_ID": "\"***_xxxx\"",

    "DD_ENV": "staging",

    "PYSPARK_PYTHON": "/databricks/python3/bin/python3",

    "DD_API_KEY": "3aa81ed18bc46a1f9cc425ee6c5ada78"


  "autotermination_minutes": 120,

  "enable_elastic_disk": true,

  "cluster_source": "UI",

  "init_scripts": [


      "dbfs": {

        "destination": "dbfs:/FileStore/utils/"




  "single_user_name": "xxxx@***.***",

  "data_security_mode": "SINGLE_USER",

  "runtime_engine": "STANDARD",

  "cluster_id": "0915-152649-ox2wxwwz"


@Sivaprasad C S 

databricks unity-catalog external-locations get --name lakehouse-input --profile DEFAULT


 "name": "xxxx",

 "url": "s3://xxxx",

 "credential_name": "databricks_unity_catalog",

 "read_only": false,

 "comment": "xxxxx",

 "owner": "xxxx@***.xx",

 "metastore_id": "xxxxxxxx",

 "credential_id": "94ce13xxxxxxxxx2e3545e5",

 "created_at": 1663136630885,

 "created_by": "xxxx.xxxx@***.***",

 "updated_at": 1663136630885,

 "updated_by": "xxxx.xxxx@***.***"

}Is it because i' m the owner of the credentials?

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