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Recommended Access mode for multiple users with R code functionality?

New Contributor III


I recently tried running R code in a notebook. The notebook is about a year old and was used in a different cluster that no longer exists. I received the message, 'Your administrator has only allowed sql and python commands on this cluster. This execution contained at least one disallowed language.'

I thought this was curious. As it turns out it is because I am attempting to run it on a cluster configured with 'Shared' access mode, which only supports SQL and python.

My two options for configuring a cluster that supports R are 'single user' or a 'no isolation shared' access modes. Can someone provide a concise difference between the two without pointing me to documentation about the Unity Catalog. An example for each option would help.

In this case there are only two users. I don't anticipate that changing. However, I would also like to know about guidelines for different use cases, with more users, as well.




Esteemed Contributor

@Peter McNally​ preferred is single user as, isolation won't support unity catalog. also, if you enable Isolation cluster mode, you need to enable few more settings related to admin restrictions

So, if there were 100 users, they would all need their own cluster to use R?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Peter McNally​, We haven’t heard from you on the last response from @karthik p​, and I was checking back to see if his suggestions helped you.

Or else, If you have any solution, please do share that with the community as it can be helpful to others.

Also, Please don't forget to click on the "Select As Best" button whenever the information provided helps resolve your question.

The response did not help.

New Contributor II

There's a feature in preview available that allows configuring single user access mode clusters that support R, where the assigned single user is a service principal. You can bind multiple users to the service principal to achieve multiple user access to the R notebook. Reach out to your Databricks rep for more information.

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