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Databricks Certification Voucher - Databricks Data Days

New Contributor

I received the voucher from Databricks team to take on any Databricks Certification exam before November 31, 2022: 

I somehow mixed up the date. I thought the voucher is valid till December 31st.

Would it be possible to extend or provide me a new voucher. I want to capitalize the time during holiday season to strengthen my learning and look back what I learned during Databricks Data Days.



Esteemed Contributor III

Hey @Gaurav Martha​  sorry to say but this is not possible that you can extend your coupon code.

But I have given the databricks exam and cleared it with flying colors, you can do one thing set up that exam on the 29 of Dec.

Connect with me on LinkedIn and if you are preparing for data engineer associate or spark associate I will guide you in a better manner

My Linkedin Profile is -

Thanks Please upvote it, if you find any and is helpful.


Aviral Bhardwaj

Valued Contributor

Hi @Gaurav Martha​ , you can't extend your coupon validity. Watch out this space, Databricks usually conducts few sessions and gives coupons to the people who attend that event, provided they complete Databricks Fundamentals accreditation.

You can also purchase a certification voucher from the Rewards Store with the points you have.

Hope it helps!

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